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Energy Auditing Services in Orange County, California

Struggling with indoor air quality issues? Looking for an effective way to lower your energy bills? Performing an energy audit on your property can help. Morris Air & Electric provides professional energy auditing services throughout Orange County, CA, and all of Southern California, including: Riverside County, L.A. County, and San Diego County. We will pinpoint problem areas and discuss the best solutions for your home or business to help you achieve greater indoor comfort and efficiency.

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What are the Benefits of Working With Our Orange County, CA, Energy Auditors?

Cooling and heating your property contributes to half of your utility bill. If you continue to struggle with high energy costs and need an effective solution to achieving greater energy efficiency, our team can help you start the process with an energy audit.

Energy audits are designed to analyze your energy habits and identify the areas in your property that are contributing to energy loss. Once we have completed the audit, our experts will take the time to go over the different ways you can improve your energy efficiency and offer solutions to your indoor comfort concerns.

What to Expect from Our Orange County, CA, Energy Auditing Professionals

Analyzing your energy habits is just one part of the auditing process. Our team will also conduct various inspections and tests. These include blower door testing and insulation checks. We will perform a walk-through of your property and look for areas that are potential contributors to energy loss. You are encouraged to walk with us and ask questions throughout the process.

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