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Air Sealing and Insulation Services in Orange County, CA

The average home loses a third of its indoor air to duct leaks. But air can escape from other parts of your home as well, including: crawlspaces, doors, the attic, and between walls. If your energy bills are through the roof and you’re also having issues with poor indoor air quality, you may need to have your property checked for air leaks.

Morris Air & Electric provides professional air sealing and insulations services throughout Orange County, CA, and all of Southern California, including: Riverside County, L.A. County, and San Diego County.

Give us a call today to learn more about your options for air sealing or insulation. Serving Orange County, CA, and surrounding areas.

Air Sealing Solutions for Orange County, CA, Homeowners

It can be difficult to pinpoint areas of your home where air is escaping. Our team can help you identify the affected areas using state of the art technology. Air leak detection methods we implement include blower door testing, infrared diagnostics, visual duct inspections, and more.

Once we have completed the inspection, we will discuss the results with you and go over the best course of action. Our experts will present you with a custom solution that may include sealing your ductwork, floors, walls, or attic.

Insulation Services for Greater Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Insulating your home can help improve your indoor comfort levels, lower energy bills, provide you with more reliable and consistent heating/cooling, and even help with noise control. We have the technology, skills, and experience to carry out a variety of insulation techniques, including blown-in cellulose and fiberglass insulation, as well as dense pack insulation. Our experts will go over your options and materials in detail—give us a call to learn more.

Call now to schedule air sealing or insulation solutions in the Orange County, CA, area.



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