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Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement Services in Orange County, CA

Looking to install new smoke detectors in your home? Need help replacing older devices? Our team at Morris Air & Electric is here to help. We provide professional smoke detector installation and replacement solutions throughout the Orange County, CA, area. Our experts will take the time to discuss your concerns, present you with options to meet your needs, and make sure the job is completed to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Give us a call today to learn more about the smoke detector installation process. Serving Orange County, CA, and surrounding areas.

Selecting the Right Smoke Detector for Your Orange County, CA, Home

Ionization smoke detectors: This type of smoke detector is designed to respond to flaming fires. If smoke comes in contact with the ionization chamber, it will disturb the flow of ions, causing the alarm to go off.

Photoelectric smoke detectors: Light caused by smoke will set off the alarm. Photoelectric smoke detectors are more efficient at alerting you to smoldering fires.

Dual-sensor smoke detectors: This is recommended for most homes. Dual-sensor smoke detectors will have both ionization and photoelectric technology to provide greater protection and efficiency.

Maintaining and Testing Your Smoke Detector

Regular testing and battery replacement is important to ensuring the continued efficiency of your smoke detector. Test your device once a month. If the smoke detector isn’t responding, try replacing the batteries and testing again. If it is still not responding, there might be faulty wiring that is causing the problem. Our Orange County, CA, electricians can help you troubleshoot the issue and have it resolved.

The battery should also be replaced at least once a year. We also recommend carrying out light cleaning on your smoke detector at this time.

Leave your smoke detector installation needs to our experts. Call now to schedule professional solutions in Orange County, CA.



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