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Electrical Outlet Installation and Replacement in Orange County, CA

Are you looking for an electrician who can help with new outlet installations or replacements? Look no further than Morris Air & Electric. We are your local Orange County, CA, electrical professionals who are committed to making sure you receive the quality solutions you deserve. Our team will take the time to assess your needs before any work begins, go over your options in detail, and ensure the job meets all safety and electrical codes.

Call today for fast, accurate, and efficient electrical outlet installation solutions in Orange County, CA.

Still Have Two-Prong Outlets? Get Them Replaced With Help From Our Orange County, CA, Outlet Installation Experts

Older properties will often have two-prong outlets in place. These types of outlets lack a grounding wire, which is used to protect your appliances and electrical equipment from potential power surges and keep you safe from accidental electrocutions.

While two-prong outlets are now outdated, they can continue to be used safely as long as your electrical system continues to be maintained properly. But it is still a risk in the event of a power surge. This is why it’s safer to have older outlets replaced with three-prong or GFCI outlets as soon as possible.

GFCI Outlet Installations in Orange County, California

Rooms where water is present will have GFCI outlets. Kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, as well as your garage or pool area will feature this type of outlet. GFCI outlets are designed to help protect against electrocutions. If you are in the bathroom using a hair dryer, for example, and it falls into a wet area, the GFCI outlet will instantly respond to the change in current and trip.

To learn more about installing a GFCI outlet in your home, give us a call for service in Orange County, California.

Additional Outlets Our Orange County, CA, Electricians Can Help You Install

Our team is here to help you add any type of outlet to fit your needs:

  • Smart outlets

  • USB outlets

  • Switched outlets

  • 20A outlets (for larger appliances)

  • Tamper-resistant outlets

  • Cable outlets

Contact us today to request an estimate for electrical outlet installation services in Orange County, CA, or the surrounding area.



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