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Electrical Panel Upgrades In Orange County, CA

Electrical Panel Upgrades In Orange County, CA

Are you experiencing recurring electrical problems? Contact your local experts at Morris Air & Electric. We are your Orange County, CA, electricians with the skills, technology, and training to handle any electrical need. Our experts will take the time to assess your needs and help you determine if an electrical panel upgrade is necessary.
Older homes with outdated wiring and systems may need an electrical panel upgrade. This is recommended if you are planning on installing larger appliances. You can depend on our team to help you complete the necessary upgrade and ensure the continued safety and efficiency of your electrical system.
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Common Electrical Panel Problems In Orange County, CA, Homes

If you are having recurring issues with your electrical system, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for immediate help. We will troubleshoot the problem and inspect your system for circuit or wiring problems.
  • Circuit breakers constantly trip: This is normal in the event of a power surge. But if you are noticing that your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, it could signal an issue with your electrical system that will need immediate attention.
  • Circuit breakers feel hot to the touch: While it’s normal for circuit breakers to feel slightly warm, they shouldn’t feel hotter than that. If they are unusually hot and accompanied by crackling noises, there could be a loose connection between the breaker and the wires or the bus bar might be damaged.
  • Flickering lights: If your lights begin to flicker or dim when you turn on a large appliance or equipment, there is likely a wiring problem that may require an upgrade to your electrical panel.

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At Morris Air & Electric, our goal is to help you find safe, accurate, and efficient solutions to your electrical needs. Whether you are looking for help with electrical panel upgrades or another aspect of your electrical system, you can rely on our Orange County, CA, electricians to get the job done right and deliver the exceptional results you deserve.

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