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How To Find & Hire An Electrician?

Hiring an electrician in Orange County isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem. The key is to know which services you require and vet electricians based on a range of factors, including:

  • Price
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Customer reviews

Electricians aren’t a one-size-fits-all career path. Many electricians specialize in a specific concentration, including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • New Construction
  • Remodels

As you narrow your search for the right candidate, specify the type of electrician you need. Here, we’ll discuss the role of an electrician, where to look for one, and which qualities are most important.

What Makes an Electrician?

Electricians vary in skill based on concentration. They are tradespeople, trained and experienced in electrical wiring, and they may also specialize in equipment and transmission lines. Electrician tasks vary by job title and company.

Residential electricians assess, troubleshoot, and maintain electrical wiring and control panels. Jobs include electrical work inside and outside of houses. Electricians can be private contractors or hired through a larger company or maintenance service. One isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Factors to Consider While Hiring an Electrician

As you begin your search for an experienced electrician, there are things to consider. The two main pieces of information you need to determine if an electrician can legally work on your home are:

  • Proof of Insurance: Proof of insurance shows that your electrician is covered if an accident occurs while working in your home. Insurance protects them and you from paying out of pocket for liability issues, property damage, and more.
  • State License: An electrician must have a license in their state of employment. In the United States, licensure varies by state. Still, you can assume the electrician is at least 21, attended college or apprenticed for four years, and has one to five years of experience in the field, depending on education.

Experience level is another factor to consider in your search for an electrician. Two levels of electrician may be qualified to take on a residential job: a journeyman or a master electrician.


A journeyman is an electrician who hasn’t earned a master’s license but may have a license in their state. This person can still fix and install wiring but isn’t legally eligible to work with a contractor to design new electrical systems.

Master Electrician

A master electrician is fully certified, licensed, and passed standardized testing to prove their knowledge in the field. This person can do everything a journeyman can and design new systems for installation.

From here, you can narrow your search based on reviews and ratings, project specifications, experience, and price. It’s important to get a reliable quote from an electrician before beginning a job and check in to ensure things are staying on track. This helps keep everyone within budget.

Where to Look for Electricians?

Now that you know what to look for, here are some places to begin your search. At Morris Air & Electric, we often ask our clients, “Where did you hear about us?” It helps us reach out to more community members. Here are two of the most frequent answers we get.

Digital Search

The magic of the internet makes it easy to track down local technicians in your area. If you want to further your search, you can join local online groups for repairs and remodeling. These groups are often accessible through social media and are an excellent untapped resource for word-of-mouth recommendations.

A Google search is one of the quickest ways to find a local electrician. You can search by proximity, rating, and even price point. Read reviews directly from the Google widget and link to the company’s website to learn more.

Community Bulletin Boards

Sometimes local businesses list themselves through community bulletin boards found at:

  • Churches
  • Community centers
  • Recreation facilities
  • Farmers markets

There’s no guarantee a local electrician will be listed, but it’s an excellent place to start. It also lets you ask at community gatherings and see if anybody has had an outstanding experience with an electrician.

National Home Builders Association

The NAHB hosts the country’s most comprehensive assortment of tradespeople. You can use this network to find electricians of all backgrounds and specialties, narrowing your search by community.

Contact Our Team to Learn More

If you live in Orange County and are looking for an electrician, we can help. Morris Air & Electric specializes in electrical work and offers various residential and commercial project services.

Are you interested in learning more about our company and electrical services? We invite you to contact us today. Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have and get you started with an estimate on electrical work.

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